2014 Season Content Advisories

“[title of show]”

LANGUAGE: Contains strong language in casual conversations between the four friends amid the creative process of writing a musical, including the use of profanities and vulgarities.
To quote the notes to the director in the show’s script: “The language in this show is never used in a violent or salacious manor. It has been chosen with purpose and intent.”
This potentially objectionable language includes multiple uses of “damn,” “sh*t,” “f**k,” and “motherf**ker.”
SEX: None.
FOR WHICH AUDIENCES: Mature audiences, considering the show’s potentially objectionable language.
RATING: If it were a movie, “[title of show]” would be rated R.


LANGUAGE: Contains some strong language, including the repeated use of both profanities and vulgarities, including “damn,”  “sh*t,” “bullsh*t” (several times) and “f**k” (a few times).
SMOKING AND DRINKING: Smoking, drug and alcohol use is referenced several times throughout the show, and shown onstage in one scene.
VIOLENCE: Mild violence, including bullying in several scenes.
FOR WHICH AUDIENCES: This play contains mature content and deals with challenging topics; including suicide, drug and alcohol use, teen pregnancy, homosexuality, and bullying. It is appropriate for ages 13 and up.
RATING: If it were a movie, “Bare” would be rated PG-13.