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“Grace” by Craig Wright 

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Grace performed April 25 – May 10, 2014
At the Sugar Space in Sugar House
616 Wilmington Ave., Salt Lake City, 84106

Director: JC Carter
Producers: Johnny Hebda, Utah Repertory Theater Company, and Robert Easton, Around the Globe Theatre Company

“Grace” is a contemporary drama, with a flavor of dark comedy, by Craig Wright (TV’s “Six Feet Under” and “Lost”). The principal characters are a Christian evangelical couple who are facing a crisis of faith as they start a new life in sunny, promise-filled Florida, with big plans. An agitated neighbor and a caustic exterminator complete the eclectic foursome as destinies collide.

The couple, Sara and Steve, leave their dreary life in Minnesota, hoping for the fast money of turning abandoned hotels into a chain of gospel-themed inns. Their neighbor, Sam, is struggling to emerge from the trauma of a car accident that killed his fiancée and left him badly maimed. And the building’s pest exterminator, Karl, is tormented by a dark childhood episode.

As these stories converge, Wright’s characters find themselves face-to-face with the most eternally vexing questions—the nature of faith, the meaning of suffering, and the possibility of redemption. Acidly funny and relentlessly searching, “Grace” is a trenchant work from an immensely gifted playwright.