A Letter From a Patron

Here is an email we received from an audience member who saw the show this past weekend. We want to thank you for sharing.

Dear Mr. Hebda,

I wanted to let you and your cast know how touched I was by your performance of “Side Show”. I found myself in tears many times throughout the show and it really took me on an emotional journey. I have never been so touched by a play before. Thank you for bringing this amazing show to Utah. As someone who has always felt different or not accepted by society I was deeply moved by this story. I will be coming back many more times with friends and family. Your cast deserves to know how wonderful they are and how amazing their voices are too. I have been thinking of the show and music all weekend. I really liked the ending of the play and how you made it so relatable and relevant. It hit very close to home for me. I’ll try to contain myself the next time I come so that I am not balling on your other audience members.

Best wishes for a successful run.