A Real Life Side Show Performer

Elias Caress

Elias “Lefty” Caress

As part of the Side Show experience, director Johnny Hebda decided that he wanted to add some authenticity to the production.  So, he searched out some current side show performers.

In the search, he discovered Elias Lefty Caress and Celeste McCulley.  Elias is a award winning magician, variety artist, and hypnotist as well as a circus sideshow stunt performer. Celeste is a fire eater, dancer, and artist. Some of their classic stunts include human blockhead, bed of nails, broken glass walking, juggling, and sword swallowing.

Elias and Celeste will be providing the nightly pre-show to Side Show.  Which means, you just might want to get to the theatre a little bit early.