Audition Notice: “Straight” – May 25




Auditions: Thursday, May 25th: 7-10pm
Callbacks: Saturday, May 27th: 8-11am

Prepared contemporary monologue. Five-minute slots.
Sign up for an audition slot here*:​​

*Actors who have worked with the director before can skip the initial auditions and arrange a callback time. Contact the director or Utah Rep to schedule a callback time.

663 West 100 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Must have an appointment, headshot, and resume.
Equity and non-Equity will be considered.

Rehearsals begin July 23rd, 2017 M,W,S
Runs September 22 – October 8, 2017
With shows in repertory with “Disgraced”, Fridays @ 7:30pm, Saturdays @ 1:00pm and 7:30pm, and Sundays @ 3pm.

Fresh from Off-Broadway in its first production since New York, Utah Rep is proud to premiere this thought provoking tragicomedy exploring relationships and sexual identity today.

Meet Ben.  Ben is a 26-year-old-investment banker.  Ben likes beer, sports, and Emily.  And Chris.

ALL ROLES ARE CURRENTLY OPEN. Actors do not need to actually be the ages listed below, but must both LOOK and be able to portray those ages.

BEN (Male) is a 26 year-old investment banker living in Boston. He is waist-deep in the murky waters of “the Odyssey period,” that much-discussed but little-understood phase between college and “adulthood” when careers idle, family life awaits, and roots are planted nowhere. He and Emily have been dating since their college days at U-Penn without much momentum, and his job in the financial sector provides plenty of money but little satisfaction or direction. Socially capable, casually masculine and always well-liked, Ben is used to winning at life. But he is becoming secretly anxious that the real world is not living up to its promises, and worries that maybe “this is it.”

CHRIS (Male) is a 20 (and three-quarters!) year-old history student at Boston College. He likes beer, sarcasm, and irony, but mostly uses them as a front to mask more deep-seated insecurities. He is socially precocious and, perhaps in compensation for his age, outwardly confident in his interactions with Ben and Emily, making his rare moments of vulnerability surprising, if logical upon reflection. He is appealing, in a boyish way, and he knows it, though he wouldn’t admit that even to himself.

EMILY (Female) is 27, and nearing the end of her time in purgatory as a PhD candidate in bioinformatics at Harvard. Older than him but still a student, Emily looks to Ben as her window to the “real world,” which she sees as the prize waiting for her at the end of the long tunnel of her studies. Emily holds herself to the highest of standards, but without taking herself too seriously.  She is quirky, optimistic, social, trusting, and idealistic, mentally robust but young at heart.

All actors MUST BE at least 18 or older to audition at the time of rehearsals beginning.

Visible tattoos are OK.

The actor playing Ben must be comfortable kissing both Chris and Emily. The actor playing Chris and the actress playing Emily must be comfortable kissing Ben.

Some nudity and simulation of sexual acts may be required for all roles.

All non-Equity actors will receive a small stipend.