Author’s Notes

In our search of the authors we stumbled upon an author’s note, and we wanted to share it with you.

When we began work on i love you because, one of us was about to get engaged and the other had recently become single. The obvious question arose, “How does one get from one place to the other? And in New York City of all places?”

We talked about it endlessly, with each other, our friends or strangers in bars, until finally a good friend suggested that we read Pride and Prejudice. It immediately struck us with its sophistication, emotional honesty, and humanity. It didn’t have a naïve or antiquated view on love, but instead presented love as a complex and difficult prospect that takes knowing who you are, as much as it takes knowing who you are looking for.

We began work on updating the piece and changing the genders, and inserting our own experiences until i love you because took on a life and a story of its own. However, what remains of Pride and Prejudice is what attracted us to the story in the first place; the notion that in order to find love you must move past your preconceived notions of what love is going to be for you and embrace all of its surprises, both good and bad. Because it’s easy to say, “I love you anyway,” but hard and all the more rewarding to say, “I love you because.”