Backsage Utah: Another Great Utah Rep Production and Everyone Should See This Show

Bonnie Parker played by Madeline Weinberger was a vocal stand-out for the evening. It is clear she spent a good deal of time preparing for this production, not only musically but also in getting into her character. It is when both of the elements combine that you have truly great moments, and she achieved this in her Act 2 solo number “Dyin’ Ain’t So Bad,” when Weinberger truly had everyone hanging on every note. She also understands very well the humor elements in the show and delivered all of these very well.

Clyde Barrow played by Johnny Hebda was an acting stand-out. He did not hold anything back vocally. From the moment Hebda took the stage, he was completely in his role. Hebda did a great job portraying Clyde as a man who is exacting cold-blooded revenge on the world but at the same time is still capable of real feelings such as killing for the first time and his love for Bonnie. I very much enjoyed the dynamic between Hebda and Weinberger they both made Bonnie and Clyde individually believable and as a couple.

Director Adam Cannon has assembled a great team of actors, musicians, and production staff.

—Shaun Davis, Backstage Utah