Backstage Review: I Love Utah Repertory Theater Because…

“The wonderful talent and enthusiasm onstage created an infectiously upbeat atmosphere from the first entrance to the final bow.

“A palpable energy among the ensemble was evident from the very first song. The actors beautifully painted the mayhem of ‘Another Saturday Night in New York’ as they danced their way through the space and set the scene for the action soon to take place. The intensely focused and humorously tragic style of storytelling that way employed put a smile on every audience member’s face as they eagerly followed the many tears and triumphs of Austin, Marcy, Jeff, and Diana.”

“The actors were believable and heartwarming, yet also impressively clear and concise.”

“A huge nod to Billy Hagee (Austin Bennet) and Madeline Weinberger (Marcy Fitzwilliams) is also needed, as their comedic banter was perfectly timed and delivered. The duo provided laugh after laugh as they convinced the audience they were terribly suited to one another, followed by many teary eyes as they struggled with the realization that they were inextricably in love with one another. Their performance of ‘…But I Don’t Want to Talk About Her’ kept me giggling throughout, as I watched a blind date that was destined to fail. However, it was nearly impossible to keep a dry eye only a few songs later as Marcy sang Austin the devastating words “Just Not Now.'”

—Kelly Johnson, Backstage Review, April 1, 2013