Backstage Utah: “Rent” Was Fantastic

Rent is a show that requires each and every member of the cast to be a strong vocalist. This cast delivered, not only was each person a strong vocalist but they were all completely committed to their character.

Stand out performers that got my attention for great acting and fantastic voices were: Roger Davis played by Trent English; Mark Cohen played by Austin Archer; Tom Collins played by Aleksndr Arteaga and Angel Schunard played by Derek Gregerson.  The other main characters were strong and more than delivered their characters: Benjamin Coffin III played by Sean J. Carter; Joanne Jefferson played by Nneka Barcelona; Mimi played by Connor Norton and Maureen played by Karli Rose Lowry.  The overall music of the show was flawless; Musical Director Rick Rea has done a fantastic job making this show musically indistinguishable from a professional production.

Overall this show was fantastic, it is one of the few shows that I want to go see again before it closes.

—Shaun Davis, Backstage Utah