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Reviewers react to “Rent”

Utah Theater Bloggers: “Rent” Would Have Made Jonathan Larson Proud

The success of director-choreographer William Cooper Howell’s vision was beyond anything I could have ever expected from a production of Rent in a small, new theater company in Utah, and I left with the honest opinion that the production of Rent I just saw would have made Jonathan Larson and the original production team proud. One of the best choices that I noticed was seen in Howell’s choreography (with Elena Dern as assistant choreographer), which communicated in innovative and astonishing ways the themes of the show. As for the cast, each of them deserves to be praised.  Austen...

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Front Row Reviewers: A Powerful Story That Is Powerfully Staged by This Extremely Talented Cast

Should you go and see the Utah Repertory Theater Company’s production of Rent? Absolutely. It is a powerful story that is powerfully staged by this extremely talented cast. The dancing, singing, and acting from this multi-talented ensemble was truly professional and almost fully without flaw. Trent English (as Roger) not only looked like a seasoned rock star, but also sang like one. His struggle with his disease, his love life, his song writing and his coping with the death of hair bands was very well done. Austin Archer (as Mark) was our observant narrator of sorts whose voice and stage...

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Backstage Utah: “Rent” Was Fantastic

Rent is a show that requires each and every member of the cast to be a strong vocalist. This cast delivered, not only was each person a strong vocalist but they were all completely committed to their character. Stand out performers that got my attention for great acting and fantastic voices were: Roger Davis played by Trent English; Mark Cohen played by Austin Archer; Tom Collins played by Aleksndr Arteaga and Angel Schunard played by Derek Gregerson.  The other main characters were strong and more than delivered their characters: Benjamin Coffin III played by Sean J. Carter; Joanne...

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