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Front Row Reviewers: Utah Rep’s ‘[title of show]’ Is Uniquely Brilliant

“This is a top-quality show, very tight, and very enjoyable, and I suspect the shows will sell out.”

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Salt Lake Tribune: ‘[title of show]’ finds the art at home on stage

“The plot of ‘[title of show]’ also serves as a theater-world Cinderella story, the kind of backstory that fuels the creative ambitions of every theater artist.”

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City Weekly: ‘[title of show]’ is ‘something anyone who loves theater should see’

“All [cast members] are tremendous singers, and immensely appealing actors with razor-sharp comic timing. Watching them is a reminder of the simple, elemental joy of theater: sitting in a room watching other people on a stage play make-believe, sing and dance. [title of show] makes that possible because that is, on multiple levels, what it’s about as a piece—and thus it’s something anyone who loves theater should see.”

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