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Reviewers react to “Side Show.”

City Weekly Reviews: Utah Rep’s “Side Show”

A City Weekly Pick
By Brandon Burt
“Daisy (Adrien Swenson) and Violet (Angela Jeffries) are utterly charming, offering heartbreaking vocal duets. Cooper Howell seethes and smolders as Jake, Violet’s spurned love interest, while the capitalistic pair Terry (Aleksndr Arteaga) and Buddy (Taylor Eliason) dither affably over who is actually in love with which twin. It’s an ambitious, large-cast production, packing so much talent into a tiny space that it’s actually a bit overwhelming. Yet the finale alone, with its hard-hitting statement about societal alienation, is worth the trip to Provo.”

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Utah Repertory Theater Company’s “Side Show” Is Engaging and Poignant

By Tyler Hinton, BroadwayWorld.com
Side Show at the Echo Theatre in Provo is an engaging, poignant, and thought-provoking theatrical experience. The production is a fine debut for the newly christened Utah Repertory Theater Company.”
“Adrien Swenson and Angela Jeffries are perfection as Daisy and Violet, respectively. Their beautiful singing voices — two of the best in Utah — are both powerful and tender. The two women also act superbly; they express realistic emotions and differentiate their characters while maintaining the illusion that they are identical twins.”
“The story (of Side Show) is intriguing, the characterizations welcome empathy, and the music is glorious. In addition, the chance to see Adrien Swenson and Angela Jeffries in these roles is not one to be missed.”

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Come Look at the Freaks in “Side Show”

By JC Carter, Backstage Utah
“The newly ‘minted’ Utah Repertory Theater Company launches with a marvelous adaptation of Bill Russell and Henry Krieger’s Side Show.”
“You should make whatever arrangements you need to get to Provo and see this amazing production before it ends.”

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“Side Show” Cast Bonded Together to Create an Entertaining Show

By Larisa Hicken, Front Row Reviewers
Angela Jeffries as Violet Hilton and Adrien Swenson as Daisy Hilton “were certainly believable as women who have spent their lives together. Their powerful voices blended beautifully and their acting was exceptional, especially during the emotional scenes. Their performance of ‘Who Will Love Me As I Am’ was simply awesome.”
“I’m really looking forward to seeing more productions from the new Utah Repertory Theater Company and especially from the talented director/producer Johnny Hebda. I spoke with him after the show about his vision for the company and his passion for quality theater is contagious.”
“I have a feeling this company will be together for a long time to come. Congratulations on a strong premiere, Utah Rep!”

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Lead Actresses Keep “Side Show” Together

By Russell Warne, Utah Theater Bloggers Association
Angela Jeffries and Adrien Swenson as conjoined twins Violet and Daisy Hilton “have beautiful and powerful voices that each alone could easily fill a large theater; together the two are irresistible as they sing songs like ‘I Will Never Leave You.’ ‘Like Everyone Else’ was especially tender, as it established the basic humanity of both characters and helped the audience understand that these ‘Siamese twins’ were completely normal on the inside. Both women were also terribly funny in ‘Leave Me Alone.'”

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“Side Show” Review From Larissa Explains It All for You

From the Blog Larissa Explains It All for You
“Ladies and gentlemen, Adrien Swenson (Daisy) and Angela Jeffraies (Violet): Off Broadway, you are not going to find a higher caliber than this effortlessly talented duo. The trip to Provo was entirely worth it for these two alone. Throw Aleksndr Arteaga (Terry), Taylor Eliason (Buddy), and Cooper Howell (Jake) into the mix, and I consider my time well-spent.”

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