Deseret News: “Bonnie & Clyde” Worth Checking Out

Madeline Weinberger, who plays Bonnie, does a good job of belting out Frank Wildhorn’s big score and she’s even better in the softer, reflective numbers like “Dyin’ Ain’t So Bad.”

Other standouts in the cast are Michelle Moore, who plays Blanche (Clyde’s sister-in-law), and Christopher Bradford, who delivers a rousing number as the preacher. Dallin Major is wonderful as a police officer who has feelings for Bonnie, and Nancy Susan Cannon put together some great period costumes.

Bravo to Utah Rep for using live musicians and it makes all the difference. The small ensemble, directed by Anjanette Mickelsen, sounded good … and live music is the only way for an actor to really be in the moment.

—Erica Hansen, Deseret News–Clyde-worth-checking-out.html?pg=all