Front Row Reviewers: A Powerful Story That Is Powerfully Staged by This Extremely Talented Cast

Should you go and see the Utah Repertory Theater Company’s production of Rent? Absolutely. It is a powerful story that is powerfully staged by this extremely talented cast.

The dancing, singing, and acting from this multi-talented ensemble was truly professional and almost fully without flaw.

Trent English (as Roger) not only looked like a seasoned rock star, but also sang like one. His struggle with his disease, his love life, his song writing and his coping with the death of hair bands was very well done. Austin Archer (as Mark) was our observant narrator of sorts whose voice and stage presence was very worthy of the large role. Aleksndr Arteaga (as Tom) was a delightfully upbeat and passionate vocal talent who left the audience in tears and filled the room with his love. And for those of you who always hoped for a lap dance during a musical if you had the courage to sit in the front row, Connor Norton (as Mimi) was sent to make your dreams come true. Derek Gregerson (as Angel) was true to his name. He was not only energetic and loveable, but also made the character the symbol he was meant to be.

—Daniel Brassard, Front Row Reviewers