Front Row Reviewers: Come Take a Ride on Utah Rep’s “Carousel”!

“Carousel has very strong vocal talent, dancing that can sell its own tickets and acting that caused a patron that I overheard say, ‘I don’t know why I’m crying, I never cry.’ Director Johnny Hebda amassed an amazing group of talent for this production.”

“The ensemble sounded REALLY good together, and that is a rare thing in productions. Either a lot of work or magic happened to create the pleasant vocals and harmonies at work with this cast. The ensemble was without an audible weak link (Ian Baker, Nathan Baker, Peter Johnson, Dave Pedersen, Kevin Pope, Ilizibith Summerhalder, and Tyrone Svedin) The dancers were incredible. You could buy a ticket and get your money’s worth from the dancing alone (Elsa Hodder, Johnny Wilson, Jed Brown, Allison Butler, Catherine Drake, Matt Drake, Maddy Forsyth, Brandon Hansen, Luke Johnson, Peter Johnson, and Michelle Moore). Kudos to choreographer William Cooper Howell.”