Front Row Reviewers Utah: “Utah Repertory Theatre’s ‘Straight’ Brings Necessary Conversation to Stage”

Not to reveal too much, but the play ends with a lot more questions than answers, encouraging the audience to further explore the Ben’s conflicted situation. How is it that we are creating an environment in which our friends are unable to fully express themselves? How do we contribute to assumptions about masculinity and sexuality? This production is effective in challenging our concepts of identity, sexuality, and masculinity. And while there are moments of raw passion and heartache throughout the play, there is also brevity and hilarity, which testify to some of the ridiculous and awkward situations we may find ourselves in when adhering to traditional cultural identity norms. If you seek theatre that truly engages and encourages audience introspection, Utah Repertory Theater Company’s Straight at the Sorenson Unity Center in Salt Lake City is your play.