Gephardt Daily Review: “Utah Rep’s ‘Straight’ travels winding path to resolution”

“Straight” — written by Scott Elmegreen and Drew Fornarola, and directed by J.C. Carter — explores the angles with smart and clever dialogue, limited action, and a few really funny nail-biting moments.

Peterson is wonderful as the long-suffering girlfriend, who is watching all her friends get married, and is willing to make some compromises for the relationship she hopes will be the next big step in her grownup personal life.

Valdez is effective and believable as the frustrating Ben, who is sure he can come to the best answer with enough time, self-examination and logic.

And Thorup is endearing as the flip and funny Chris, who arrives looking for a good time and free beer, but ends up dreaming of more.

The show will leave you with a lot to think about.