Love Results

If you want to post your love results from the program note, please post them in comment box below. If you need the formula again, here it is.

Ryan Cunningham, the creator of i love you because, has offered one seemingly perfect, mathematical formula. In conjunction with the Drake equation, his formula helps weed out the losers from the winners before you even get to your first date:

The dating equation:

G = N ∙ fw ∙ fL∙ fA ∙fB ∙fS

G = The number of potential boyfriends/girlfriends

N = The current population total in your country

fW = The fraction of the population that is male/female (generally around 0.49 for males and 0.51 for females, but can vary)

fL = The fraction of the male/female population who live in your city

fA = The fraction of the males/females in your city who are within the appropriate age range

fM = The fraction of those who are not in a committed relationship

fB = The fraction of those you find physically attractive

fS = The fraction of those who you can actually enjoy being around

However, perhaps even more importantly, the dating equation must be used in tandem with the rebound equation. The rebound equation, when used properly, will not only help you fully heal, but it will also prevent you from falling into the same traps. This secret formula, if followed, guarantees success in your search to find the perfect someone.

The rebound equation

Rt = ARL ∙ 4 ÷ 3 + NBI ∙ WC+ B ÷ .5



RL = Relationship Length: how long you actually dated

ARL = Adjusted Relationship Length: how long it feels like you were dating

NBI = Number Boyfriend/girlfriend Index

WC = The Who broke up with whom Constant. If were dumped, multiply by 5. But if you dumped, multiply ¾

B = Bitterness factor: Rate your bitterness of a scale of 1-10

RT = Rebound Time


Cunningham says that in order to find your Mr./Miss Right you’ve got to find Mr./Miss Wrong while you’re in RT. Or you’ll repeat this cycle forever.


Go ahead. Try it. And let us know… Just where does your equation leave you?