Utah Repertory Theater Company

Adventuresome shows with powerful messages. An illuminating new voice.

The mission of Utah Repertory Theater Company is to produce entertaining, adventuresome and illuminating premieres of dramas and musicals along with neglected shows that area theatergoers aren’t otherwise able to see in Utah.

Founders of Utah Rep knew that the state didn’t need another theater company. But Utah did need a unique new voice, with Broadway sensibility and ingenuity. A semi-professional company, Utah Rep produces theater to give local actors, directors, choreographers, musicians and designers the opportunity to stretch and strengthen their resumes in projects outside the norm of other area theater companies. The objective is to assemble singularly passionate theater collaborators, attract the state’s most recognized talents and draw upon promising university students.

As a not-for-profit theater, Utah Rep relies on the support of patrons and allies of the performing arts. Your support makes it possible for the company to produce exceptional theater — productions that are entertaining, adventuresome and illuminating.