Q&A with Cylie Hall (Stage Manager): If you’ve pursued your dreams, you will understand the beauty of “[title of show]”

How do you explain what “[title of show]” is?
 “[title of show]” is a show by artists for artists. If you’ve ever been in a production of a show you will understand the humor, if you’ve ever tried art as a profession you will understand the hardship, and if you’ve pursued your dreams you will understand the beauty of this show.

What do you find most appealing about the show?
How much is speaks to me as an artist and as a person deeply passionate about pursuing art as a career. 

Describe your role as stage manager.
Mainly, I’m there to be their cheerleader. I’m there to keep them on track and to make sure they get what they need during rehearsals and the run. I’m committed and passionate about the actors, the director, and crew to have the most amazing experience in doing what we all love to do the most, which is to produce good work and perform.

What character do you find most fun to see created on stage?
I mostly relate, I think, to the character of Hunter; his desperation and dedication in the simple wish of wanting to be “part of it all.”

What would be the title of the show that you would write about?
I’d most likely write a story about my lives experience. Set it in the 1920s and really dive deeply into the women’s movement of the time. The possible name I’d have for this play would be called “The Lorelei.”

What aspect of the production process excites you the most?
How I am able to work with my hands as well as my mind. It’s such a creative process, from start to finish. I’ve made hats before and the work involved in creating is exhilarating. To get to see what you’ve made, to watch other people involve themselves in what you’ve made. It’s nothing short of humbling and awe inspiring.

Why do you recommend your friends see “[title of show]”?
To finally understand what it is I do and why I do it. “[title of show]” is the show for artists to understand and relate to and a show for friends to finally see a glimpse into understanding. 

CYLIE HALL (Stage Manager) Cylie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Oklahoma Baptist University. Since graduation, she has been involved in many productions throughout Utah, both back and on stage. After being the Costume Mistress for Utah Rep’s “Bonnie & Clyde,” Cylie has joined the company board as Box Office Manager and continues to assist in stage management and costumes.