Q&A with Jonathan Scott McBride: My friends are stupid if they don’t see “[title of show]”


How do you explain what “[title of show]” is?
I usually start by saying “It’s a musical about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical.” That usually gets a chuckle, and I’ll go on to explain that it is a show that explores the beauty of the creative process, the power of friendship, and the importance of finding your place in the world and becoming “part of it all.”

What do you find most appealing about the show?
This is a show that explores what it means to be an artist. As a theater geek, I feel like this show is a show for theater geeks. So it brings out my inner geekness, if you will.

How do you describe the character you play?
Jeff is a smart man. He is a great musician. He has a keen intellect and a dry wit. He is more of the straight man to Hunter’s kooky antics. I think he keeps the group grounded. It’s been fun diving into this role. I realize more and more as the rehearsals go on that he and I are very similar in many ways—especially in his unending need to correct Hunter’s grammatical errors. 

What character do you find most fun to work opposite?
I love all four roles in the show, but I think the most fun I have as Jeff is in the scenes he has with his best friend Hunter. Their banter back and forth feels so natural and the flow of it is so similar to the dialogue I have with my best friends. It’s so easy and relaxed and comfortable and funny. The dynamic between them is so unique and different than anything else I’ve seen in a script before. It is refreshing.

What would be the title of the show that you would write about?
Well, my plan is to move to Washington and study wine. So my personal show script would probably include me and my two best friends, Crystal and Bridget, and our wacky wine adventures in the Pacific Northwest. It would probably be about us making fun of pretentious wine snobs, all the while secretly wishing we were pretentious wine snobs. :)

What aspect of the production process excites you the most?
It is the element of play and fun we have in rehearsals. It is so exciting to arrive each night to rehearse knowing that the three actors I work with and the director are so open and willing to explore ideas and make this version of the show our own.

Why do you recommend your friends see “[title of show]”?
Because they are stupid if they don’t come. That, and because the show, even though it is about creating a musical, has universal themes of friendship and finding your part of it all in this crazy world. Anyone who has ever tried to create art will love this show.

JONATHAN SCOTT McBRIDE (Jeff) Jonathan is so honored to be a part of this Rice Krispies treat of a show. He has been seen on stage throughout Salt Lake City, Park City, and Logan, working at The Egyptian Theatre, Old Lyric Repertory Company, Hale Centre Theatre, Pinnacle Acting Company, Dark Horse Company Theatre, Plan-B Theatre Company, Pygmalion Theatre Company, and now Utah Rep. Favorite roles include The Baker in “Into the Woods,” Michael in “Dancing” at Lughnasa, Phantom in “Phantom,” and now Jeff in “Title of Show.” He will next perform in Utah Rep’s state premiere of “Bare” as The Priest.