Q&A with Megan Shenefelt: “[title of show]” is not for the faint of heart!


How do you explain what “[title of show]” is?
I tell them it’s a show within a show. It’s about two guys writing a show about two guys writing a show…about two guys writing a show. Show-ception!

What do you find most appealing about the show?
The most appealing thing about this show is how random it is. It’s so much fun to just play. Anyone can come and find something to relate with and laugh at.

How do you describe the character you play?
My character is a strong, independent New Yorker! She goes from audition to audition, very determined to follow her dreams. She has so much heart and is passionate about everything she does. All of these attributes are things that I strive for as well. I really connect with this character on so many levels. It’s an older character than I’ve ever played, but the person she is is so young at heart; it makes it easy to just put myself into the role and just be me.

What character do you find most fun to work opposite?
Honestly, every character has been fun to work with. They all have different qwerks and isms that my character reacts to. I’m really starting to enjoy the relationship between Jeffy and Heidi. It feels similar to the relationship I have with some of my close friends. And of course Susan and Heidi end up having a great connection with each other, and Dee-Dee and I play well off of each other. I don’t get interact with Hunter that much, but when we do it’s always significant; I feel like there is a special place in both of the characters hearts for each other.

What would be the title of the show that you would write?
Not sure if I would ever write a show! But if I did, it would probably be about my little family. I’m obsessed with my baby girl, so maybe a comedy on pregnancy and the fruits of my labor…literally. If this was the case, it would be called “Sovay,” my daughter’s. Or maybe “Pregnancy: What They Don’t Tell You.”

What aspect of the production process excites you the most?
Full runs are the most exciting part of the process to me. Everything starts to really take shape and become your own. It’s like a puzzle, and I love puzzles.

Why do you recommend your friends see “[title of show]”?
It’s not for the faint of heart! But I would definitely invite my friends to see it. I think it’s a show that just about anyone can enjoy. There’s great music and an awesome message. I think everyone should come play with us!

MEGAN SHENEFELT (Heidi) Megan is a Senior in the Musical Theatre Performance Program at the University of Utah and is thrilled to be making her Utah Rep debut. Some of her favorite credits include Lucy T. Slut in “Avenue Q,” Pirelli in “Sweeney Todd,” Jo March in “Little Women,” Brooke Wyndham in “Legally Blonde,” and Sheila in “Hair.” She would like to thank her friends, family, mother and father for their constant support! And a shout out to her incredible husband and daughter, “I love you so much!”