Q&A with Nancy Susan Cannon (Costumer): “[title of show]” musical has the magic of “The Wizard of Oz”

! Red Shoes

How do you explain what “[title of show]” is?
“[title of show]” has been a great opportunity to inspire friends to attend a musical of passion and about the seeking one’s dreams and having the persistence to stick with it and find the realization of the dream at the end of the rainbow. It is about four people writing their own story about their own story and the energy behind it.

What do you find most appealing about the show?
The show is brilliantly written and the creativity within the story telling is exceptional. I like the collaboration of all the elements of a theatrical production. The other aspect is how powerful relationships can drive us to achieve our dreams.

Describe your role as a theater costumer?
My role as a costume designer is to enhance the story visually and allow the audience to understand who the characters are, what their personalities are through their wardrobe choices. Visually telling the story and bringing to life the words on a page.

What has been your inspiration for the costuming of “[title of show]”?
“[title of show]” was a lot of fun to do research on. My first step was to take the director’s direction of “New York casual” and understand what that meant from a wardrobe perspective. I put together a Pinterest board as a place to bring together all the images I thought had interest. I then started looking at other productions of “[title of show]” and especially the Broadway version of the show. As I was reading the script, looking at visual images of other productions, it hit me that this musical had the magic of “The Wizard of Oz.” Here were four contemporary individuals following their yellow brick road and going through good times and bad times to find their life. My inspiration for designing has been taking an abstract portrait of “The Wizard of Oz.” Hunter has the brains, Susan the inner drive and won’t give up, Heidi the heart, and Jeff the courage. By working together as a team, they stuck together and made it happen. I have taken the color palette and a few of the elements of the character’s wardrobe of “The Wizard of Oz” and reflected it the characters of “[title of show].”

What character is the most fun to wardrobe on stage?
I can’t answer this because all four characters are my favorite. However, my life parallels Susan’s almost to the T, but I identify mostly with Hunter.

What would be the title of the show that you would write about?
Taking the journey to costume design a TV series like “Reign.”

Why do you recommend your friends see “[title of show]”?
Because of the energy, passion, and commitment of the characters who are just not invented characters but real people. It is about each of us.