Ready to Check In?

What the Bellhop Saw is such an action-driven show that some audience members can sometimes be left wondering where they are. And the playwright doesn’t specify where the action is set. What the Bellhop Saw takes place completely in one suite in an upscale urban hotel. However, the name of the hotel is never stated. So guess what that means? We got to name the hotel ourselves!

The first rendering of our set.

The first rendering of the What the Bellhop Saw set.

We wanted something regal to reflect our space (the Historic Murray Theater) as well as the grandeur of the landmark hotels of ages past. We also wanted to tip our hats to some of the most well-known lodges in the world (the Plaza Hotel, the Waldorf-Astoria, the Biltmore). But, of course, we wanted to put a little comedic spin on it to reflect the tenor of the show.

Not an easy task.

After much deliberation, we are proud to announce that we have settled on The Grand Tiltmore Hotel. We hope you will make your reservations soon and, as always, enjoy your stay with us. We can guarantee it’s going to be an interesting and incredibly enjoyable experience.