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City Weekly Reviews: Utah Rep’s “Side Show”

A City Weekly Pick
By Brandon Burt
“Daisy (Adrien Swenson) and Violet (Angela Jeffries) are utterly charming, offering heartbreaking vocal duets. Cooper Howell seethes and smolders as Jake, Violet’s spurned love interest, while the capitalistic pair Terry (Aleksndr Arteaga) and Buddy (Taylor Eliason) dither affably over who is actually in love with which twin. It’s an ambitious, large-cast production, packing so much talent into a tiny space that it’s actually a bit overwhelming. Yet the finale alone, with its hard-hitting statement about societal alienation, is worth the trip to Provo.”

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A Real Life Side Show Performer

As part of the Side Show experience, director Johnny Hebda decided that he wanted to add some authenticity to the production. So, he searched out some current side show performers.

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