Utah Theater Bloggers: One of My Favorite Experiences with Utah Theater

This particular production, while benefiting from an overall good story and music, went from entertaining to outstanding based on the absolutely wonderful choices made by the cast, crew, and theater company. Trying to limit the elements that deserve praise in this show to a single review is a significant challenge.

The ensemble number “God’s Arms are Always Open” featured excellent choreography from Ashley Ramsey, and a beautiful solo by the Preacher, played by Christopher Bradford. Each member of the ensemble and minor characters deserve praise for their portrayals, and Adam Cannon‘s direction throughout the show served to keep the pace active and lively, even with a somewhat dark story.

Much also could be said about the four leading players. All four of these actors have an immense amount of talent, and at various moments, they stood out.

—Maren Scriven, Utah Theater Bloggers Association