Utah Theater Bloggers: Utah Rep’s “Carousel” Hits Highs and Lows of Life

Utah Rep’s production of “Carousel” is “exemplary” through the show’s “poignant acting, emotional choreography, and wonderful voices.”

Reviewer Zach Archuleta heaps praise on the cast, beginning with the actors playing Billy and Julie:

“Samuel Ross West’s strong baritone never faltering to give both musical and emotional depth during his eight-minute ‘Soliloquy’”
“Amber Lee Roberts did a fantastic job of delving deep into the difficult emotions of showing how Julie could love someone who had hurt her. Julie’s early dreaminess and search for understanding was clear as Roberts’s beautiful, classical voice went from questioning to emboldened and powerful during ‘If I Loved You.’”

And continuing to the ensemble:

“Each person had a story to tell and was encouraged to tell it on the right scale and at the right time to control focus. … Helping block and delve into the characters’ choices made each scene a pleasure to watch as we were made privy to the joys and sorrows of this town.”

Also the director:

“All of these performances were deftly utilized and influenced by the direction of Johnny Hebda.”

And choreographers:

“The wonderful intimacy created by each actor individually was only augmented by fantastic choreography by William Cooper Howell and Christy Hodder.”