We Accept Her

Now that we’ve shown a video from a rehearsal of “Come Look At the Freaks” I thought it would be appropriate to share this video as well.

In 1932 director Tod Browning made a film entitled Freaks about sideshow performers.  Since Browning had been a part of a traveling circus for many years, he wanted to create the film using real sideshow performers instead of actors with make-up and prostheses.  Throughout the film, the sideshow artists are shown as the loving and caring people while the “normal” humans are portrayed as the villains.

Browning was able to use many of the most famous sideshow performers of the day (including Daisy and Violet Hilton).  Below you will find one of the most famous scenes, the dinner scene, when the sideshow performers attempt to initiate a “normal” person into their group.  If you look carefully, you’ll even see the Hilton twins at the table.